Request for Proposal (RFP): Technological Development for Mobile Banking Service

Date of Issue: 5 May 2016


Due Date for Questions: 15 May 2016


Deadline for Proposals: 14 June 2016 - CLOSED


Anticipated Start Date: August 2016 (subject to change)


USAID LENS is seeking a firm to provide technical assistance services for technological development for a mobile banking service for National Microfinance Bank (NMB). To apply, please download all the following attachments and read thoroughly:


  1. RFP: Technological Development for NMB
  2. RFP: Modification #1 (May 22, 2016)
  3. RFP: Modification #2 (June 7, 2016)
  4. Annex A: Technical Specifications
  5. Annex B: Budget Template
  6. Annex C: Budget Narrative
  7. Annex D: Biodata Form
  8. Annex E: Evidence of Responsibility and Independent Price Determination
  9. Annex F: Past Performance Report
  10. Annex G: Subcontract Terms & Conditions
  11. Questions & Answers (May 22, 2016)
Request for Proposal (RFP): MSE Clinic (MSE Business Strengthening Support)

Date of Issue: 22 May 2016


Due Date for Questions: 29 May 2016


Deadline for Proposals: 12 June 2016 - CLOSED

USAID LENS is soliciting proposals from Jordanian firms, business associations, organizations or coalitions of these entities based in Jordan, to design and deliver a technical assistance and training program to support basic MSE training in operational planning, business planning, management, and financial planning/accounting in LENS target sectors and municipalities.  Offerors may also propose additional sectors for consideration where they believe there is high potential for impact for a large number of MSEs.  


To apply, please download the following attachments and read thoroughly:

  1. RFP: MSE Clinic
  2. Attachment A: Budget Template
  3. Attachment B: Budget Narrative
  4. Attachment C: Biodata Form
  5. Attachment D: Evidence of Responsibility and Independent Price Determination
  6. Attachment E: Terms and Conditions
  7. Attachment F: PPR Template
  8. Questions & Answers (31 May 2016)
Request for Quotation (RFQ): Industrial Kitchen Equipment and Tools

FHI 360 on behalf of the USAID LENS Project is seeking quotes from vendors able to provide kitchen equipment and tools.

Under grants awarded through the USAID LENS project, grantees are receiving a range of industrial kitchen equipment and tools, that will enable them to better serve customers, expand the clientele, and enhance productivity. Under this RFQ, 5 (five) grantees will receive the requested equipment.

In addition to the equipment and tools, vendors are required to provide installation and user training/instructions to beneficiaries, where applicable. This can be in the form of manuals provided by the manufacturer and/or onsite training, if applicable. Warranty details shall be provided as applicable.


Date of Issue: 20 April 2016


Deadline of Submission: 11 May 2016 to - CLOSED


For more information on how to submit a bid, please download the full Request for Quotation.

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