Sunday, October 19, 2014

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Jordan (GOJ) signed a memorandum today acknowledging $250 million in economic development assistance to Jordan over five years. In addition, USAID announced the launch of its Local Enterprise Support Project to spur economic growth in Zarqa and Amman Governorate outside of Greater Amman Municipality. USAID Mission Director Beth Paige, USAID/Jordan Deputy Economic Development and Energy Office Director Stephanie Wilcock, Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior Samir Mbaideen, Secretary General of Municipal Affairs Walid Otoom and Ministry of Planning Representative Mohammad Al Adaileh, signed the document marking the Development Objective Agreement to stimulate economic growth. Funds will help restore fiscal balance, diversify energy resources and support energy efficiency, increase competitiveness, improve the skills of Jordan’s workforce, increase trade and create jobs. “In the face of regional turmoil, the U.S Government recognizes the need for Jordan to remain strong,” said USAID Mission Director Paige. “Today’s agreement will expand our combined efforts to accelerate broad-based, inclusive economic development in Jordan.” The US Ambassador said that the signing of this Agreement is a symbol of the “deep commitment of the United States and the American people to increasing prosperity and stability here in Jordan.” USAID also announced the launch of its Local Enterprise Support (LENS) Project in Zarqa and East Amman. LENS is working to spur growth in disadvantaged areas by providing assistance to help micro and small enterprises (MSEs) prosper and by helping Local Development Units at both the Governorate and Municipal level to plan for and implement activities that will bring growth and investment to these communities. “USAID’s efforts are aimed at helping the most vulnerable Jordanians lift themselves out of poverty and contribute to stable, resilient and democratic sociaties,” said Deputy Office Director Wilcock. Secretary General Otoom, one of the three Jordanians signing the agreement and speaking at today’s ceremony, said that by supporting the public and private sector, as well as community groups, USAID is “helping communities across Jordan become more economically resilient.”

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