Microfinance mobile bus branch services reach most remote regions of Jordan to provide access to finance for micro and small businesses



Nuha Ahmad Khaleel, a forty-four-year-old lady, married with 5 children, proudly sits at her workstation in her house in Al Shobak – Ma’an, using her first business investment: a sewing machine.


Nuha was among one of the first home-based business clients to receive microfinance services in June 2017 through the Tamweelcom mobile branch bus, which was funded by the USAID Jordan Local Enterprise Support Project (LENS). Tamweelcom is the only microfinance institution to operate mobile branches in the Kingdom.


With her first loan of 800 JD, Nuha bought a small sewing machine, some accessories, threads, and the necessary tools to start her business from home. She began by offering tailoring services to her neighbours and relatives. Even though she charged modest fees, her business quickly became a way of enhancing her monthly income and improving her family’s standard of living.


After one year of working, Nuha, decided to develop her business further and took a second loan from Tamweelcom. With this money, she purchased new tools and fabrics to create clothes suitable for the very cold weather in Ma’an during winter.


Nuha has plans on expanding her business outside her home and hiring a few employees.


Working on my business was only possible when the Tamweelcom Mobile bus branch reached areas in the south. I have a large number of ideas: having persistence will keep me closer to my dreams hopping to expand my project, Nuha said”.


With support from USAID LENS, Tamweelcom is able to reach remote and underserved areas in Jordan’s southern governorates of Ma’an through deploying its mobile branch bus which travels through these areas.  The mobile branch bus is a multi-function service center with a team of 5 officers: one Branch Manager, two Loan Officers, one teller and a driver. The bus offers most of the services as a brick-and-mortar branch, including consultation sessions with current and potential clients to discuss their needs, advising clients on the most appropriate financial products, making payments and receiving disbursements, and ultimately supporting their business growth and increase their revenues.


Since the mobile bus branch was launched one year ago, it has serviced more than 840 new MSE clients, 540 of which were women (64% women) and disbursed $890,000 in loans. Like hundreds of other women living in remote and rural areas throughout Jordan with limited mobility, Nuha’s home-based business (HBB) not only represents a way to make an income despite transportation and societal constraints, but her entrepreneurial initiative also makes her feel financially independent and has helped her gain recognition within her community as a successful businesswoman.



he launch of the USAID-funded mobile bus branch by Tamweelcom, July 2017. 



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