ToT of informal saving and lending groups

Sunday, February 3, 2019
ToT of informal saving and lending groups

15 women representing 5 informal saving and lending groups from around Jordan completed a training of trainers course that qualifies them to facilitate the formation of other groups in their communities. Participants occupy key positions on their respective groups’ boards: reporters, chairpersons, treasurers, secretaries and members. All groups are formed of women who are economically active, and typically lead microbusiness from a variety of sectors, including 9 USAID LENS Women’s Economic Empowerment Non-traditional Sector Startup grantees. The three-day training took place in Amman at the Ammon Hotel and covered 1) facilitation and training skills (adult learning principles, communication skills, presentation skills, training cycle management, planning, training needs assessment skills, evaluation and reporting skills) and 2) training delivery practicals in the delivery of the ISLG program. It also included overnight collaborative exercises.

Informal saving and lending practices can provide women with a variety of financial resources they might not otherwise have access to, and can be powerful enabling mechanisms in other ways, such as by creating income opportunities for other women. The current constellation of 5 groups are expected to achieve a portfolio of JD 28,800 by June 2019. Replication of an informal saving and lending practice is demand-driven at the local level; USAID LENS anticipates the formation of at least 6 more groups by June 2019. 

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