Jordan Food Week

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Jordan Food Week

On Wednesday, 18th July 2018. USAID LENS successfully opened a 7 days long event the Jordan Food Week "JFW" which brought together over 90 food producing home-based businesses and 40 restaurants to raise the local and international profile of Jordanian food. More than 24,500 people visited the Jordan Food Week; during the event chefs, restaurants, culinary schools and local food producers showcased their best products. 

Jordanians from all around the kingdom, as well as tourists and expats participated in the event and tasted delicious locally produced artisanal foods as well as international dishes with a Jordanian twist at the Hanger in Ras El Ain, in Amman from the 18th – 24th July.

The Project ensured that participating restaurants buy local or HBB food, to strengthen linkages between food producers and restaurants. The opening day was attended by more than 2,400 persons, including the Mayor of Amman, the Minister of Tourism and the Acting Chief of Mission of USAID. 

Over 80 Artisanal food producers from different areas of Jordan, showcased and sold their home-made products such as labneh, jameed, cheese, Jams, honey and many other products. Participating restaurants integrated some of the home-based businesses products into the recipes that the restaurants were cooking and serving during the event. 

30 restaurants cooked and served different traditional Jordanian foods and international dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

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