Part 1: Home-based Businesses Success Story Videos


In this video series, we profile the business journey and development of four female home-based business owners who have compelling stories. Each woman represents a different stage of starting, operating and developing a home-based business, and finally expanding the business outside of the home.


Each of these women works in a different field, and has a different story. But they’re all connected by their love for their profession, inspiration and hard work.



Video 1: This woman only had four dinars to start a business


Video 2: As hardworking as a bee


Video 3: Seven Products from a single fruit


Video 4: Home-based caterer becomes Tafileh's first female restaurant owner



Part 2: Community Impact Success Story Videos


Any business, no matter its size, has the power to make a difference in any local community. Small businesses address gaps and needs commonly found in many towns and villages across Jordan, which can be taken for granted more developed and served areas. They also create employment opportunities, stimulate the economy, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, and they give the area a distinctive character or charm.


Watch the wonderful stories of four small business owners that we have supported over the years, to learn the positive impact that these small business have had in their local communities.



Video 1: Small photography studio in Jordan's Azraq fills a huge gap in the local and refugee community


Video 2: Aspiring mother becomes owner of Zarqa's first after-school program of its kind


Video 3: Meet the man who opened the first stationary store in his small, secluded hometown 


Video 4: University professor open first industrial project in a rural town in Irbid




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