Podcast " Mashrou’ Mahali "  -  Local Business

This podcast sheds the light on micro and small businesses in Jordan. From how they started to how they are creating economic opportunities in local communities, this series explores how these businesses impact peoples’ livelihoods and represent their dreams, and sheds light on the importance of supporting local businesses.


Please note that the podcast series is only available in the Arabic language. 


Segment 1: How your small business can benefit from tourism in Jordan even if you are not offering a tourism service


  • Episode 1: How cooperatives and associations can expand their services to attract tourists and increase their revenues (Listen)
  • Episode 2: How small businesses in the south of Jordan can increase their revenues by developing tourism experiences (Listen)
  • Episode 3: How experiential and adventure tourism can be integrated with environmental initiatives in Jordan (Listen)
  • Episode 4: How to utilize your artistic talents to engage tourists and create a new source of income. ( Listen)



Segment 2: Women-owned businesses in non-traditional sectors


  • Episode 1: Beekeeping: a business opportunity for women working from home (Listen)


  • Episode 2: How women plumbers are gaining prominence in Jordan (Listen)
  • Episode 3: How Jordanian women are shining in the male dominant transportation sector (Listen)
  • Episode 4: How one woman built a “safe space” for women that allows them to fix their car problems without relying on men (Listen)
  • Episode 5: How this tech entrepreneur overcame several barriers to build her app (Listen)



Segment 3: Supporting small businesses in the food processing sector

  • Episode 1: How investing in local communities can revive the local economy and provide new economic opportunities (Listen)
  • Episode 2: How utilizing available resources in your community can help you create a successful business (Listen)
  • Episode 3: How embracing local cuisine and traditional Jordanian dishes can turn into a profitable business (Listen)
  • Episode 4: Can jameed from Karak become a globally recognized food product like parmesan cheese from Italy? (Listen)
  • Episode 5: How supporting home-based businesses can help preserve traditional recipes from Jordan and the Levant (Listen)



Segment 4: How licensing can create unlimited opportunities for home-based businesses

  • Episode 1: The first woman to license a home-based business in Zarqa becomes successful factory owner (Listen)
  • Episode 2: How licensing your home-based business paves the way to signing big contracts with the private sector (Listen)
  • Episode 3: How a mother’s concern for her children’s diets motivated her to build a successful business (Listen)
  • Episode 4: Expand your customer base to include malls and retail stores by licensing your home business (Listen)
  • Episode 5: Create trust and confidence in your home-based food business by obtaining a commercial license (Listen)


Podcast Resources


  1. Micro and Small Enterprises Toolkit
    Micro and Small Enterprises Toolkit
    Micro and Small Enterprises Toolkit
    Micro and Small Enterprises Toolkit

    (Available in Arabic only)

  2. Experiential Tourism Toolkit
  3. Startup Guide

    (Available in Arabic only)

  4. Best Practices for Beekeeping (Available in Arabic only)
  5. Guide to Registering a home-based business in Jordan

    (Available in Arabic only)

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