MSE Marketing Training Facilitator-Jordan

MSE Marketing Training Facilitator-Jordan

MSE Marketing Training Facilitator- Jordan

Period of Performance: [March 2017 –December2017]

Level of Effort: 50 Days LOE {including 5 days of content development and 45 days of training}


USAID LENS is committed to supporting MSEs to develop their long-term independence and sustainability. As such, we are a seeking a training facilitator t to strengthen the marketing, and sales capacity of targeted MSEs. USAID LENS has developed a series of training curricula in power point format that address several basic aspects of business operations that have started to be delivered to MSEs in LENS target governorates.  We are now seeking to hire a consultant to develop new content on Marketing, integrate that into other existing content developed by USAID LENS, and then deliver up to a total of 45 days of training on a range of topics in this content.


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