Tourism Cluster

Tourism Cluster

Development Challenge

Tourism is and will continue to be a long-term driver of economic growth in Jordan, accounting for the largest slice of GDP in Jordan’s productive economy.


However, the traditional tourism base of Jordan has suffered recent shocks in the last few years, resulting from a regional instability and a reduction in travelers to the Middle East. As a result, businesses within the tourism sector, both those directly and indirectly engaged, have been struggling. With creativity and resourcefulness on the part of industry stakeholders, product offerings can be enriched and marketing activities upgraded to present the targeted destination as a safe, accessible, and culturally rich destination offering a mix of, culture, historical, sport, and desert adventure experiences to suit regional, and domestic tourists.



USAID LENS is working to support tourism product development and marketing in niche subsectors in targeted governorates.  Through technical assistance and capacity building, USAID LENS seeks to strengthen tourism value chains in order to enable participants, particularly micro and small enterprises (MSEs), to generate increased revenue and create jobs in targeted municipalities. 


Main achievements

  • Awarded a grant in September 2015 to a private sector firm called Experience Baraka to create a cluster of community owned, run and managed tourism micro enterprises that meet market demand in three municipal communities in the North of Jordan.
  • In December 2015, USAID LENS launched a grant opportunity to develop tourism circuits in the city of Azraq and the governorate of Irbid. Examples of tourism development include but are not limited to: home-stay networks, restaurant & food tours, local cooking classes, safaris, wildlife tours, photography courses, camping, hiking, meditative tours and marketing campaigns.


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